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Is Wing Tsun like “yoga?”

Wing Tsun has parts that are like yoga in the breathing exercises and slow, meditative movement and stretching in the first form called the “Little Idea.” That is the name of the form to signify that Wing Tsun is based on a very “little idea (simple idea).”

There is the classic Little Idea and then later there is the “health form” which has more extensive breathing and stretching. The breathing is the same style as chikung or spelled qigong which cultivate the internal energies.

The other forms stretch certain areas of the body, for kicks, shoulders, etc. The result is that if you practice at least 2 times a week in class and one or two times at home, your flexibility will increase quite dramatically over a short time and better over months of practice.

Movements in your daily life become easier, especially when you add in Wing Tsun’s exclusive footwork which other versions of this system lack.

Advancing further, your legs and arms become supple and springy when force is applied.

Your leg circulation improves due to the low angle kicks and advancing steps.

Your ankles' circulation improves due to the turning of the foot in the turning stance.

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