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Sticky Hands - Chi Sau

Sticky Hands - Chi Sau

Wing Tsun is an energy system. Unlike just physical movements, the ability to feel the energy of an opponent is the key to using their force instead of clashing with it.

The presence of chi sau in the Wing Tsun program gives those who learn its skills well an advantage in any close-range encounter with an attacker. The ability to “stick” with an attacker’s arms gives you a level of control not possible otherwise.

Students start with the single arm practice using tan sau (palm-up hand) and fook sau (bridge-on arm) interlocked and engaging the forward energy between you and your partner. It is practiced and studied in a series of palm striking and defending.

When good control and skill is evident, the students can advance to the poon sau (rolling arms) with both arms. The practice evolves into a more complex series of actions applying the techniques of the forms (kuen). It is important to have attained a good level of skill in the footwork before a student gets to this level. The footwork itself can be called an energy system, unique to Leung Ting WingTsun®. The feet develop an almost magnet-like character that can stick to the floor when appropriate to the floor or lift quickly for steps, sweeps, and kicks.

The hands become like elastic wands that can feel the force and direction of an attack. You, as the defender, can yield or spring in as your training has taught you. It has developed your muscle memory for the correct movements used according to the economical concepts of Wing Tsun and safety.

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