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What is Wing Tsun anyway?

Wing Tsun ( wing chun ) kung fu is a self-defense martial art intended for quick action, not ring fighting, and works well against larger, stronger, attackers. It is an efficient martial art with economical movements. At the same time, it offers many internal benefits for health and fitness. Because of its emphasis on defending against more powerful attackers, it does not use fancy techniques for appearance's sake. Wing Tsun is the spelling belonging to Leung Ting, Grandmaster of this system from the Yip Man wing chun lineage. As originally conceived in history, it was not a "challenge" martial art or ring art. Much like Aikido it assumes that your attacker is aggressively trying to attack you.  It was not designed for sport competition, where you need to pick at an opponent to score points or a submission.  It was only designed to react to a situation and effectively fight out of it. If you have time to "spar" you should be running away.

Originally wing chun was designed as a counter to existing martial arts.  And also, was taught to well trained and fit martial artists.  Neither of those things are really true today.

Because of this, I am emphasizing fitness details like wrist action, breathing strength, leg strength, two-handed coordination, fast reactions, and other skills which exist in Wing Tsun and are going to improve YOU and YOUR life. Come join our classes!

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